Wednesday, December 15, 2010

St Lucia tradition

If you did not know, we in Sweden love the sun and the light so much and have done for Ever, I think.
We stole the Saint Lucia and the tradition from Italy ( in the 1400th C some times) and made it our own., St Lucia is celebrated on the 13/12 every year, with out fail... and is a welcome of the lights return,( hence the all the candles in the Lucias hair..)
The Italians made the song St Lucia and we stole that one too, and translated it in to Swedish " Sankta Lucia"... lovely song.

When I was a child we use to dress up and walk in procession through snow and dark early morning,
4 am to visit our dear school teachers and serve them coffee and Lusse buns in bed ! Yes,can you imagine we actually, walked in singing the st Lucia song surrounding their bed with them in it, in their pyjamas, LOL.
It is still a big thing in Sweden this with Lucia, every town has their beauty pageant and the public have to vote for the  prettiest girl...  I really don't like that part of it, but hey.. it is a nice tradition.
 The boys are star boys with cone hats with 3 stars.. *( standing in the back) Yes, I know it looks a bit like klu-klux-klan, but no resemblance...

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