Friday, May 28, 2010

Heads up

Left the Hospital on Sunday afternoon, Kevin came and picked me up. We could not find our way out from the hospital!!
I said to Kev, "maybe they let you in but not out". He did not find that funny at all?

After I had landed in my own bed I started doing the Eply manuver. It means you actually stimulate the sensation of spinning until you fatigue the symptoms. Easy, NOT !!
If you can imagine spinning out of control every time you try to move, and how well you feel for hours after. This I had to do 3 times a day.
I did it and way and behold on Monday afternoon I was cured, or at least that was what I thought.

Woke up Tuesday morning and felt like I had been out partying, I felt sick and every thing was moving even when I sat still. I did not do my Eply manuver at all as I was to neasous. A big mistake!

Woke up Wednesday morning and the walls were falling in on me, could not stand up.
Prior to this it had only been spinning when I was laying down and moved my head from side to side, and a bit shaky walking.
Called my work and told them I would not be in on Thursday or Friday either, went to see my GP and he gave me see sick pills. Nothing helped ... Wednesday evening I was so miserable it was not funny, could not sit or lay down with out spinning out. Fell over in bed and passed out for a few seconds.
I was violently sick in my stomach and did not want to be me any more.

Had an appointment for Thursday morning to see a Neurologist. Kevin had to drag me in as I was like the leaning tower of Pisa.

Dr Redell made me walk  on a line and I could not keep my balance, he checked every thing and was not happy. He sent me down to have an MRI urgent, to check for any abnormality on my brain.
Kevin dragged me around, or maybe it was I who dragged him, cause If I had fallen he would have gone down with me :)

Great news the MRI scan can back normal, but the fact remains I am still dizzy and still have problems standing or walking. Dr Redell will have me do the "rostisserie". No, you do not get a tan with it, it is a special ride where they test Nasa Pilots and dizzy girls like me to see if there is something wrong with their ears.

So here I am propped up in bed waiting for life to begin

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